“The Path Beyond the Mist” is a project on the role of time and memory set in Caorle, a small coastal town in the Metropolitan City of Venice where I usually spent the summers with my family when I was child. The memories I had were vibrant and full of life, filled with laughs and colors. Many years later, on a misty autumnal morning, I happened by chance in this place of my childhood. Everything was hidden by a thick fog. Skeletons of trees stretched their skinny arms to the sky and empty resorts stood in the beach as abandoned temples. Shrouded by a solemn silence, interrupted here and there by wild voices of birds who lost their way home, a vast flat sea remained. Gray, with no waves. So gray that sky and sea seemed to be one. And as I stood there in the mist, I found myself wondering on that place I always knew, that now felt so different and far away.